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Pre-Tie Rebar Services from Whitacre Rebar

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Pre-tying rebar is a more efficient,
economical approach to reinforcing your projects

Is keeping your project on schedule important to you? When considering a partner to reinforce the concrete on your next project, you want a company that employs the latest methods that will keep your project on or ahead of schedule. Pre-tied rebar cages allow you to save time and accelerate your concrete pour schedules.

The Whitacre Rebar team’s focus is making sure our rebar services create value for our customers—and our pre-tied rebar cages do just that. Pre-tying set rebar configurations before shipping to the job site allows us to save time and money on your project. Once the set configurations arrive on site, our team has detailed placement drawings in hand and ready to get to work.

Why Choose Pre-Tied Rebar?


Choose pre-tie services when you want accelerated pour schedules for your project. Pre-tying reduces lead time needed and cuts down on construction time because there’s no assembly or tying on site.


Using pre-tied rebar is a more efficient use of available space on your construction site because the rebar is delivered fully assembled and ready to place, reducing congestion and the need for additional assembly space.


Using pre-tied rebar for your project is a much more economical approach to reinforcing your structures. On-site assembly and tying incurs more labor costs and adds additional time onto the project schedule.


Delivered to Your Site Pre-Assembled and Ready to Place


Comprehensive Rebar Services to Reinforce Your Project

Rebar Estimating

At Whitacre Rebar, our team delivers fast, accurate quotes for all the materials, accessories and erection costs involved in your project. We bring more than 100 years of combined experience to ensure you receive the best possible price and product.


Rebar Detailing

As detailers, we unite the latest CAD technology with more than 150 years of combined experience for rebar detailing. We guarantee that we will provide you with precise detailing that will save you costs and time.


Rebar Fabrication

Our experienced team builds and delivers quality materials you can rely on, saving you time and money in the process. We use our own trucks and drivers to guarantee that delivery is always on time.


Rebar Placing

Rebar placing is an important part of a construction project’s structural integrity. Installation affects the success of the project. To guarantee a seamless customer experience, our trained, skilled workforce are Union Ironworkers.


Reinforcing Success for 100+ Years

Through over 100 years of business, Whitacre’s focus has evolved to providing rebar services. Today, we provide a coordinated package of rebar services, serving the Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia markets from its facilities in Canton, Ohio and Syracuse, New York.

What hasn’t changed is our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in customer service. We believe that quality and service are the most important characteristics of a successful business. We pride ourselves on being the preferred source for rebar services and strive to provide complete solutions to construction challenges, for any project.

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