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Whitacre Rebar rebar structure

About Us

Whitacre Rebar (formerly Whitacre Engineering) has a long history of providing outstanding customer service and high-quality products and services to the construction industry. We want to help you, your project, and your business succeed.

In 1920, John J. Whitacre established the company to provide hollow clay tile fillers, steel, and other building materials that general contractors and engineers could use for structural floor slabs. Over the years, Whitacre has had offices in Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, and Rochester. The focus has changed from flooring systems to furnishing and placing fabricated reinforcing steel.

Through 104 years of business, Whitacre’s focus has evolved to providing rebar services. Today, we provide a coordinated package of rebar services, serving the Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia markets from its facilities in Canton, Ohio and Syracuse, New York.

What hasn’t changed is our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in customer service. We believe that quality and service are the most important characteristics of a successful business. We pride ourselves on being the preferred source for rebar services and strive to provide complete solutions to construction challenges, for any project.

Purpose Statement

Honor God by serving man and society through building infrastructure

  • Realize our daily efforts are part of a larger cause than ourselves
  • Improve the communities in which we live
  • Give back to the local community and the extended community of mankind

Mission Statement

Engaged employees successfully serving customers to create the best reinforcing experience

  • Employees are enriched (growing, challenged, fulfilled)
  • Customers are provided with excellent service
  • The company’s longevity is sustained by timely and profitable performance

Core Values

We passionately care and take personal responsibility for protecting the safety of ourselves, our co-workers, our customers, and the people of the communities in which we work.

We demonstrate integrity in everything we do and lead by example to instill trust and transparency in all of our relationships. We hold ourselves accountable for all commitments and constantly strive to be reliable in all that we do.

We create a performance-driven environment where our employees are passionate about their careers and reach their full potential.

We create a collaborative culture where everyone works together to serve one another, our company, and our customers. We establish goals and standards that we measure our success against.

We proactively seek to understand our customers’ needs and consistently create value for them.

We utilize the best available practices and continually challenge ourselves to improve in an effort to ensure we are providing our customers with value and service that fulfills their expectations.

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Poughkeepsie Water Treatment Facility rebar structure by Whitacre Rebar

Poughkeepsie Water Treatment Facility

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rebar placement by Whitacre Rebar

Society (Key) Tower

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Whitacre provides capacity, competence and character, along with a very efficient and well trained group, in both their office and field operations…the true definition of Professionalism!

—Donley's VP of Concrete Operations

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I just want to make some comments and thank you for the good attitude your ironworkers have exhibited.

—Hathaway, Inc.

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We appreciate your continued focus on safety and quality, and the pride your organization takes in the finished product.

—LeChase Construction Services, LLC

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We can count on Whitacre to help us successfully complete our projects by providing a single point of contact for material and labor. Whitacre consistently delivers superior service so we can pour concrete on time.

—Bob Breisinger VP of Heavy Highway and Industrial, Mascaro Construction Co., LP

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Your entire team did a GREAT job for DYK on both the Westcott Reservoir and Manlius Reservoir. Work was completed before schedule and it was a pleasure working with your entire company. When we asked to hurry up and get it done... You did. Your design team was fast & efficient. Fabrication was great at supplying materials even on short notice. Your trucking was great. Installation was fast, efficient and safe. A great job by all! I hope we can work together again on the next project.

—DYK, Inc.

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