Cleveland Clinic Parking Garage

Cleveland Clinic Parking Garage
Location: Cleveland, Ohio

The Cleveland Clinic Parking Garage provides patients and loved ones with more convenient parking and safer, better accessibility to the Cleveland Clinic. It has 9 levels and can park a total of 3,002 cars. This post-tensioned parking garage required rebar, and our team at Whitacre Rebar was eager to help.

Patrick Schwartz, the estimator who sold the job and became the lead project manager, said that the most challenging part of this project is the size of it. The parking garage has two separate sides that could be individually built, but the crews are building them in tandem; they are building the second portion of the parking garage while still working on the first.

Because of the size of the project, there are two ironworker crews working on each side of the garage. We are also supplying the black and epoxy rebar. Because of the balance of needing manpower, keeping the crew an efficient size, and the size of the project, there is a significant amount of overtime work for the crews.

When the parking garage is complete, patients, loved ones, caretakers, health care workers, and physicians will have better access to the Cleveland Clinic. They won’t need to fight traffic for parking spaces on the streets. We are honored to help make life easier for some of the people who most deserve more simplicity.

The Cleveland Clinic Parking Garage is an important way to serve the people who need easy access to the Cleveland Clinic. We provided the rebar, manpower, and expertise to make this 9 story tall parking garage.

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