Cleveland Hilton Convention Center Hotel

Cleveland Hilton Convention Center Hotel
Location: Cleveland, Ohio

The Cleveland Hilton Hotel and Convention Center is 32 floors tall, with floors 7 through 32 housing guest rooms. The building has two large core walls that reach the full height of the hotel; these are the main supports for the entire center. Whitacre Rebar was a crucial part of constructing post-tensioned slabs to make the hotel stable.

Patrick Schwartz was the estimator who sold the job and who served as the lead project manager. He said that one of the biggest challenges was the height of the building combined with the frigid Cleveland winter in 2014. There were times when winds were too strong to use the tower crane. The cold and ice could have put the project behind schedule. Andy Boydston, the Detailer, was an important part of staying on time.

Mohawk Rebar’s Ironworker Foreman Greg Janasik did an exceptional job of giving me a schedule of when he would need the rebar delivered to the jobsite in advance,” Boydston said. “I would then take that information and make sure we had our shop drawings back from approval in time for fabrication. He would also have me make changes to my shop drawings and bar lists in order to speed up the placing process. This was critical in order for us to stay on pace with the contractor’s schedule.”

When the weather permitted, our crews worked overtime to make sure that the project stayed on time. We finished one floor of the tower each week to stay on schedule. In fact, we finished the hotel ahead of the original timeline!

The Cleveland Hilton Hotel and Convention Center stands at 32 floors tall. We supplied the contractor with rebar to make post-tensioned slabs that would keep the tower stable no matter external forces applied.

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