Concrete Reinforcement for Tunnel Construction

Concrete reinforcement for tunnel construction

We’re professional steel fabricators who carry over a century of experience in providing concrete reinforcement solutions for vital transportation infrastructure like highways, interstates bridges and tunnels. We provide a wide range of welded wire mesh, reinforcing steel, bar supports, and mechanical couplers to reinforce America’s roadways.

We can even supply pre-tied rebar structures to help reduce time and costs involved in your project to get tunnels opened up faster. Our team has the knowledge and resources to perform turnkey construction on your project.

Experts in Tunnel Construction

Our capabilities with tunnel construction allow us to provide concrete reinforcement for nearly every aspect of your project. We pair our quality rebar with comprehensive project management to keep large projects like this on time and within budget.

We can customize rebar and metal mesh for reinforced concrete used in the construction of virtually any tunnel. All of our products, from rebar to welded wire mesh, are the result of good design fundamentals and years of industry experience.

Why trust Whitacre Rebar with your tunnel project?

  • As a turnkey source steel fabrication company, we deliver high quality products, placed on-site for tunnel construction projects.
  • Our team undergoes continuous training and certification for reinforcing concrete slabs, formwork methods, and splicing.
  • We understand how to integrate rebar, steel mesh, and plastic mesh in order to meet all of the structural standards required by the transportation industry.
  • We ensure that we are continually compliant with local ordinance and environmental regulations, and can conform to industry standards set by DOT, ASTM, ISO, AWS, ASME, and RoHS.
  • When it comes to structural integrity, we understand the critical importance of considering the major factors that contribute to the successful construction of tunnels, taking into account different elements such as environmental obstacles, aggressivity of the soils present around the tunnel site, and if there are significant temperature fluctuations at the tunnel location.

Trusted Tunnel Construction Partners

When choosing a partner for your next tunnel construction project, several boxes should be checked to make sure your project is carried out professionally and to the highest standards. Three major components include:

  • Ability to properly manage projects – From design to final installation, Whitacre is highly experienced in managing and coordinating the entire concrete reinforcement process, ensuring projects are executed as efficiently as possible.
  • Network of subcontractors with the same service philosophy – Our concrete subcontractors share the same experience, service philosophy, and commitment to quality as we do, consistently delivering projects on-time and within budget.
  • Experience with similar projects – We have over 100 years doing what we do with the highest degree of success. We’re attuned to quality products and performance, and have a long history of concrete reinforcement projects, from tunnel construction and other transportation projects, to providing services for a wide variety of industries. Check our project gallery to learn a bit more about our accomplishments.

Assistance in All Phases of Tunnel Construction

Whitacre Rebar not only supplies the rebar for your project, but we can also assist throughout all project phases, including initial quoting and design. We’re a single-source provider that serves projects in Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

For the best service and quality in concrete reinforcement for tunnel construction, contact Whitacre Rebar to request a quote or to discuss your project specifications.