Rebar for Foundry Construction


When it comes to fabricating and providing a wide range of concrete reinforcement solutions, Whitacre Rebar is your source for high-quality rebar and excellent project management. Our experience in concrete formwork for steel and iron casting foundries has earned us continued trust and confidence from our clients nationwide. From building out foundations to supplying pre-tied rebar structures that help reduce construction time and costs, our team has the knowledge and resources to perform turnkey construction on your factory.

Foundry Construction Expertise

Foundries supplying steel and iron castings need to be safe, efficient, and conducive to meeting production schedules. We give special consideration to the constraints and operative guidelines of foundries when planning for your concrete reinforcement needs.

Working with the right rebar supplier that has a strong understanding of these demanding environments should be non-negotiable for your project. At Whitacre Rebar, we know that the intense heat in foundries and casting facilities requires dependable concrete structures that use the highest quality rebar and wire mesh products during construction. We are a premier rebar supplier that can custom cut, bend, weld, and install products in order to support any concrete slab design. Complexity is a challenge we welcome, and we augment our team and supplies according to the project’s needs, allowing us to take on builds of any size.

Your Foundry Construction Partner

Each of our foundry and casting facility clients are treated as long-term building partners we will continue to serve and advise. We partner with your team through completion and beyond. We perform our work on casting and foundry projects to the highest industry standards, and our team members always keep the safety of your team members in mind throughout the design and building processes.

Here are three things you can expect when you partner with the Whitacre Rebar team:

  • Excellent Project Management – From design to final installation, Whitacre is highly experienced in managing and coordinating the entire concrete reinforcement process, ensuring projects are executed as efficiently as possible.
  • Talented Network of Subcontractors – Our concrete subcontractors share the same experience, philosophy, and commitment to quality as we do, consistently delivering projects on-time and within budget.
  • Experience – We have over 100 years of experience doing what we do. We’re attuned to quality products and performance, and have a long history of concrete reinforcement, from casting and foundry construction to manufacturing facilities, chemical plants, water treatment facilities and more. Explore our project gallery to learn more about our capabilities.

Assistance In All Phases of Foundry Construction

Whitacre Rebar not only supplies the rebar for your project, but we can also assist throughout all project phases, including initial quoting and design. We’re a single-source provider that serves projects in Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

For the best service and quality in concrete reinforcement for foundry and casting facility construction, contact Whitacre Rebar to request a quote or to discuss your project specifications.