Clarifying Tanks

At Whitacre Rebar we’ve built concrete and metal clarifying tanks for both small and large sedimentation removal processes, supporting numerous projects across the water and sewer construction industries. We’re focused on helping organizations optimize the removal of solids from liquid, assisting them with design, procurement and construction.

Our wide range of rebar and wire mesh solutions can be customized according to exact design requirements.

Our rebar and steel mesh solutions help to keep processes running flawlessly in demanding environments. Each clarifying tank is built from the ground up as our team will manage the entire project and assist our clients with engineering analysis, procurement and concrete slab implementation.

Clarifying Tank Applications

Our rebar and metal mesh solutions have been used for various tank designs, quickly and efficiently separating solids from liquids in robust, without the worry of structural integrity issues.

Water Clarifying Tank
  • Water Pre-Treatment
  • Potable Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Mining and Excavations
  • Oil Water Separations
  • Water Recycling

We have years of experience in building mission critical clarifying equipment that excel in performance benchmarks while complying with all environmental regulations. We field a certified, licensed team of construction professionals who take workmanship seriously and understand the importance of building clarifying tanks using dependable rebar and mesh materials. They will assist the client across all aspects of the project, listening to their needs and developing solutions that help to save them money.

We will always perform our services on-time and within budget, free from the worry of project overruns or last minute design changes. During on-site construction, our team can adjust its tempo, scaling manpower, equipment, and rebar products according to project timelines. They are safety oriented, conduct extensive quality checks and ensure that the project is completed right the first time. We believe in honesty and integrity, working with our clients to help grow their business as well as support their nearby community.

Superior Rebar Solutions for Clarifying Tank Construction

Since 1920, we’ve served a broad range of businesses that require dependable, high quality water and sewage treatment applications. We offer rebar and steel mesh in a wide range of sizes, customized according to the client’s design criteria. Both our products and services for concrete formwork are designed to ensure absolute structural dependability for virtually any sediment removal process.

For the best service and quality in clarifying tank construction, please contact Whitacre Rebar to request a quote or to discuss your project specifications.