Rebar for Oil & Gas Load-Out Facilities

Aerial view of tank farm and oil terminal

Our team at Whitacre Rebar carries years of experience in oil and natural gas loading facility design and construction, providing a wide range of welded wire mesh, reinforcing steel, bar supports, and mechanical couplers to reinforce key structures used to load, unload, and transport crude oil and natural gas.

We can even supply pre-tied rebar structures to help reduce time and costs involved in your project. Our team has the knowledge and resources to perform turnkey construction on both new and existing load-out facilities.

Our superior rebar products are engineered to maintain their structural integrity when operating in demanding environments. We take a consultative approach to load-out facility design, analyzing site location, environmental needs, and efficiency requirements to produce a structurally-sound solution.

Experts in Load-Out Facility Construction

We can customize rebar and metal mesh for reinforced concrete used in virtually any processing, pipeline, or system structure. All of our products, from stainless steel to plastic mesh, are the result of good design fundamentals and years of industry experience.

Load-out facilities are a crucial component in the transport of oil and natural gas, and our rebar products are specially engineered for consistent, dependable performance. We’ve helped pipelines, oil storage tanks, import facilities, terminals, and loading facilities maintain their structural integrity since 1920, combining time-tested fabrication techniques with high-quality rebar solutions.

Our capabilities in the oil and gas industry allow us to provide concrete reinforcement for nearly every aspect of a load-out facility, from storage to transport. You can reach out to us with construction needs for any of the following, and more:

  • Natural Gas Loading/Unloading Facilities
  • Natural Gas Terminals
  • Fuel Import Terminals
  • Marine Tanker Transport
  • Road Tanker Stations

Assistance in All Phases of Load-Out Facility Construction

Whitacre Rebar not only supplies the rebar for your project, but we can also assist throughout all project phases, including initial quoting and design. Solid, reliable, and long-lasting concrete slabs require consideration of various erosion and sediment control plans, as well as elevation of the land to account for unstable ground. We take all that input and prepare detailed plans for concrete base mapping.

Our work in the oil and gas industry will always comply with environmental regulations, conforming to industry standards by API, ASTM, ISO, AWS, ASME, and RoHS. We’re a single-source provider that can serve projects nationwide.

For the best service and quality in concrete reinforcement for the oil and gas construction industry, contact Whitacre Rebar to request a quote or to discuss your project specifications.